Thursday, March 17, 2011

¡Curicó Unido!

Okay I know it has been a while since I have written for this. It has been CRAZY!! I was sent to a new sector after only 3 cambios in San Javier. I was sent to open a new sector for Hermanas in the zone Curicó, my sector is called Rauquén. It has been hard but so good. We are in a great zone. There's like 20 Elders and us 2 sisters and it's a very united zone. Rauquén is nice I like it, its very tranquil and people are pretty nice. We share it with 2 other Elders. They are a lot of fun, too. We eat almuerzo together sometimes and it's hilarious because there is a new Elder and he doesn't understand any Spanish so he sits there and he will just find random things to laugh at and then we all end up laughing uncontrollably... usually it's because the food isn't sitting well in our stomachs so all of our stomachs make really loud noises.

Anways yes, we are working really really hard; trying to find investigators and find our way around the sector. Lots of work and sometimes like yesterday, we don't have any luck in getting into people's houses and we walked around literally the entire day. Our day started yesterday at 7:45 in the morning because we had meetings before church and the day didn't end until 10pm. Sundays are very long days. But that's why we have P-days on Mondays! We got home last night and it just felt SO good to sit down!

Today we had a zone activity and we got together and played soccer and had an asado. Pretty much the only zone activity we ever do. It was fun though. I loved playing soccer. I have missed it, my foot still hurts from last week and I have a huge green bruise on my ankle but I still had to play.

We have a few investigators right now. We've had some pretty amazing experiences these past few weeks, too. I think Heavenly Father knows how stressed I am opening this sector so He is really helping out. We were knocking on doors this week and we weren't having very much luck on this one street and I was almost about to say, "Let's just go to another street," but then decided to knock on one more door. This lady came out with a smile and she said, "Hermanas...." She then continued to tell us that she was a member but it had been a long time since she had been active, but she wanted to come back. We went in her house and she started crying and told us that her son saw us and said that there were Hermanas in Rauquen now, so she prayed to God that He would send us to her house and He did! It was so amazing, and then she even came to church on Sunday!! So cute.

Anyways I am getting used to our house with all the cockroaches and slugs in the shower and flies everywhere. Our house is missing a window in the kitchen so any kind of bug or small animal can fit right in there. Yesterday, there was a cockroach hiding in the shade in the kitchen and I just pointed it out to my companion and we both just shrugged and kept making food. The poor elders are still in a little room in a member's house. They don't have anywhere to study or anything. They have to do everything on their little beds so I am not complaining.

Anyways, we have heard a lot about Japan these past few days. That is pretty intense. It has only been a year after the devastating earthquake and tsunami here in Chile. So sad but I heard all the missionaries are okay. I know the damage is unreal. People have on the news every time we go into a house. It looks fake, like a movie. So sad, but we will be praying and everything for everyone in Japan. Anyways I have to go but I love you all Ciao!!

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